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HIXEN is one of  China leading skid steer loader suppliers. Our skid steers range from 1300KG to 3600KG, and loading capacity range from 380KG to 1200KG. Some models could also meet the EPA Tier4 and EURO5 emission standards. We are ready to assist if you are looking for a reliable supplier of skid steers or need custom-made wheeled skid steer loaders. You can click and view our product list here. Or ask for the catalog directly.

HIXEN Tracked Skid Steer Loader Series

At HIXEN, you can find each wheeled skid steer loader is built with high precision. Designed with a tight and compact body, the skid steer could always achieve the most durability and efficiency. When you step inside the cabin, you’ll see the latest improvements in the operating system. Also, all the tired skid steers now could deliver better productivity through their high working efficiency and high walking speed. 

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Why Choose Crawler Skid Steers From Us

HIXEN has been focusing on skid steers for over 13 years. Until now, the products have been supplied to 30+ countries with CE and ISO certificates. Also, the skid steer loaders meet the EPA Tier4 and EURO5 emission standard, which has enjoyed a great reputation. 

Applications of Skid Steer Loaders

tracked skid steer loader

A crawler skid steer is a lightweight and maneuverable machine with different attachments to finish different kinds of work. Here we summarize some of the basic applications for your reference. 

tracked skid steer loader

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An Ultimate Guide On Crawler Skid Steer Loaders

What Are Crawler Skid Steer Loaders?

Crawler skid steer loaders are also called tracked skid steers, track loaders, and crawler SSLs even for short. It is a lightweight construction machine with 2 tracks on each side which is used for a variety of tasks. Skid steers typically include a bucket as the default attachment, but you can outfit them with many different attachments, allowing skid steers to assist with all sorts of construction and landscaping projects.

Unique Features of A Tracked Skid Steer Loader

  • Versatility – The tracked skid steer loaders can help you accomplish a myriad of tasks across diverse industries. It can be attached with quite a lot of tools such as trenches, mulchers, augers, hammers, etc, so many different tasks could be finished with help of them. 
  • Performance – The skid steer loader is famous for delivering a great performance that is consistent, so you will get to take advantage of this benefit. Using a skid steer for your farmland, or other construction work, you deserve a great performance. 
  • Efficient –Designed with a compact body, the track skid steer could accomplish the jobs with high efficiency. Meanwhile, it is not like the large machines which are too heavy and slow. 
  • Stability –The tracks on both sides of the body make them great for unideal conditions such as mud and rough terrain. Compared with wheel skid steers, they behave more stable during construction work. Especially when the machine needs to go through muddy places or the snow area, crawler skid steers are the best choice. 
  • Reliability –Our skid steer loaders are made for reliability. 

Crawler Vs. Wheeled Skid Steers

Skid steers are radial lift machines that you can find in two main types; tracked steers and skid steers. Let’s discuss both types below:

Crawler Skid Steer Loaders

Before digging into the explanation of tracked steers, it is important to note that these machines were invented after the wheeled version. The wheeled excavators had some serious limitations resulting in the invention of tracked skid steer loaders. They have a broader weight distribution due to the availability of two tracks.

The broader weight distribution of these skid steer loaders makes them ideal for snowy, wet, or muddy ground. They don’t sink into wet surfaces but rather float over them. If you want a smoother ride, you should select a tracked skid steer over a wheeled SSL.

However, you should think twice before using a tracked SSL on asphalt or concrete. A tracked SSL can easily tear up concrete or asphalt surface.

Wheeled Skid Steer Loaders

Wheeled SSLs can work perfectly on asphalt or concrete surfaces, unlike tracked skid steers. They have the ability to move faster on these types of surfaces. Therefore, you can cover more ground in less time by using the wheeled SSLs.

Wheeled skid steer loaders are capable of working on landscape surfaces in a much better way. The best part about them is that they are cheaper than tracked SSLs.

Note that the weight of this SSL is distributed on four contact points. It indicates that these SSLs can sink into snowy or muddy surfaces. But the best part is that you can maintain them easily. The reason behind cheap and easy maintenance is that wheels are less expensive than tracks.

Tire wear happens faster than tracks in the case of wheeled SSLs.

Simply put, tracked SSLs are the modern version of skid steer loaders, while wheeled SSLs are the older versions.

HIXEN crawler skid steer loader

Where Are Crawler Skid Steers Used?

There are a lot of jobs for such skid steers, but this range of purposes makes a skid steer loader an invaluable part of any job site. Commonly, the skid steers pick up and transport material from one place to another with the loading buckets. But the role a skid steer plays on the job site can vary depending on the project’s requirements. Especially, they are used for confined spaces for a more giant machine to bother with.

  • Snow Removal
  • Trench Digging
  • Loading and Earth-moving
  • Clear Brush and Other Materials
  • Landscaping Works
  • Cut Down and Remove Trees
  • Backfill Trenches
  • Farmland Works
  • Wood Grabbing
  • Levelling Ground
  • Cleaning Road
  • Move Pallets and Bales
  • Holes Drilling
  • Pavement Breaking

How to Choose A Tracked Skid Steer Loader?

1. Machine Weight

The weight of the skid steers usually determines the stability of the whole body, and also how should we transport this kind of machine.  Usually, the machine weight is the first consideration before we buy a skid steer loader. Because the weight is what we diverse the models and levels of this skid steer loader. 

2. Rated Load

The rated load is also called the rated working capacity of the skid steer loaders. It is the weight the skid loader arms can handle to any lifting height. As an important feature of the tracked skid steer loader, you must pay attention to it while considering buying one. That determines the work limitation.

3. Engine

Engine power could be the most important factor to consider when deciding which skid steer loader to choose. Also, the cost of the machine is depending on engine power so we have to take this point into consideration.

Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the emission standard of our local government policy. Such as the US and Canada will require the engine must comply with EPA Tier 4. European countries will require EURO5 certification. 

One more point is the brand of engines and their influence globally. It should be easy to find the spare parts.

4. Attachments

Before choosing a crawler skid steer loader, you should be clear about what kind of attachments it could be attached. Just as described above, select some of them according to your actual work. Or you can take some advice from the machine suppliers. Only with the right attached tools, the skid steers could reach their utmost utilization.

5. Dimension

You will likely want to pay attention to the dimensions of your chosen skid steers, as these will help you decide how well they can fit into your chosen space. The dimensions can also give you an idea of the space of the working site.

And when you decide to buy a skid steer loader, you should always consider the package and delivery, which is mostly decided by its dimension. 

Crawler Skid Steer Loader -A

Why Choose Crawler Skid Steer Loaders from HIXEN?

  1. We make sure your payment transferred to us is 100% safe. No need to worry about the security of your payment anymore, since you can send the payment to our appointed account. Just need to confirm once again before the transaction by email and mobile or WhatsApp. 
  2. The product quality can be guaranteed. We have to admit that there are too many cheating suppliers who provide a very low price regardless of the product quality. There is no need to worry about this point if you choose to buy skid steer loaders from us. We will be responsible for each product coming from us. 
  3. We keep the words. As we know, importing skid steers from another country is not an easy job. After we confirm the order, we will strictly follow the technical details and also the delivery period. 
  4. With 13 years of experience, we are good at package and shipping issues. If you are the first time to import goods from China, we can help you deal with every detail. The skid steers could be delivered to your house directly even. 
  5. We have an all-around after-sales service system. Whenever you meet a problem even beyond the warranty, our technical team could also provide you the best solutions for you. 


The crawler skid steer loader has been an important machine that is widely used on many working sites. How to choose the right machine is a concerning problem for beginners. If you also have such a request, kindly please contact us for answers. 

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