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Devoted to wheeled compact skid steer loaders for over 13 years, we strive to provide reliable products with high performance. We are hoping for more dealers or distributors to join us. 

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Wheeled Mini Skid Steer Loader

HIXEN is the leading compact mini skid steer loader manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. Our compact skid steer loader model range from 1 ton to 1.5 ton, and engines could satisfy the EPA Tier4 and EURO5 emission standard. No matter whether you are looking for a reliable skid steer loader supplier or need custom-made loader machines, we can all help. We are ready to provide the suitable suggestions anytime. 

High End Wheel Compact Skid Steer Loader Supplier

At HIXEN, all our products are followed by high-end quality standards. We have a qualified technical team who are professionals at engineering machines. Also, the modern manufacturing production line, together with our continued innovation, the products have been kept at an advanced level. We focus only on high-end equipment manufacturing. 

Unique Design For Performance

Compact skid loaders have been playing an important role for many years to improve our life. During these years, the market has had an explosive development with many kinds of products inside. However, we insist on our quality policy, only seeking good efficiency. Check our unique design, all the moves, performances, or dimensions are designed for the utmost utility. 

Wheeled Mini Skid Steer Loader

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Unique Benefits of Wheeled Compact Skid Steers

Compared with crawler skid steer loaders, the first benefit of wheeled machines is they can move easily from one place to another. Also, during the working, they are more flexible in material handling. Here we summarise some main benefits as below:

Why Choose Compact Skid Steers from Us

Since the year of 2009, we started manufacturing mini skid steer loaders. Over the years, we have supplied to over 30 countries including our domestic market. We insist the continues innovation and try to deliver not only reliable qualified products but also the value of helping clients enjoy a  better life. Now all the attachments are made by ourselves, catering to different working conditions and environments. 

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Wheeled Mini Skid Steer Loader - Everything You Need To Know

Wheeled mini skid steer loaders are compact machines that are driven by four wheels while people stand on the rear to operate. Attached with many tools, they are playing an important role on the modern life. 

What Is A Wheeled Mini Skid Steer Loader?

A wheeled mini skid steer loader is a small construction machine that is designed to power a variety of hydraulic work tool attachments for landscaping and construction tasks. It is also called compact skid steers or even short for small SSLs because they share some similarities with skid steers but are more compact in size. This kind of construction equipment is by no means interchangeable, while the bucket is not the standard configuration, many hydraulic-powered tools could be attached to accomplish a variety of tasks. 

What’s more, it is distinguished from a crawler or tracked skid steer loader for its 4 wheels with each 2 on both sides, which keep the independence of each other to ensure its walking balance. 

Applications Where Wheeled Mini Skid Steer Loaders Used?

As you may know, mini skid steer loaders also contain multiple applications, like mini excavators. You can do various tasks at your construction site using this compact construction equipment. But this highly versatile skid steer loader machine can do multiple jobs only through the help of different attachments. Some of the typical applications are listed below

  • Wood chipping
  • Tree spading
  • Trench digging
  • Stump grinding
  • Materials transportation or handling
  • Property or site development
  • Underground construction
  • Leveling or earthmoving
  • Interior demolition
  • Post-hole digging
  • Debris removal
  • Heavy lifting
  • Removing landscape materials
  • Filling trenches
  • Plowing and blowing snow
  • Spreading and grading landscape materials
  • Mixing cement
  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Tilling and cultivating soil
  • Mowing brush
  • Installing sod
  • Moving logs, brush, and debris
  • Installing irrigation systems
  • Building retention walls
  • Micro trenching for cable installation
  • Breaking up concrete, asphalt, or stone
  • Cleaning a site
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What Kind Of Tools Could Be Attached To?

As we all know and described above, the wheeled mini skid steer loaders could complete a lot of tasks by applying multi-attached tools. Here list some of the basic tools that you should know when you don’t know how to choose. 

  • Auger
  • Breaking Hammer
  • Snow Shovel
  • Snow Blower
  • Lawn Mover
  • Brush Cutter
  • Grab Bucket
  • Fork
  • Road Sweeper
  • Dozer Blade
  • Digging Excavator
  • Trencher
  • Tree Shear

For more attached tools, kindly please check this page, you can know all attachments tools that could be attached to the compact skid steer loaders. 

The Benefits Of Compact Skid Steer Loaders?

Compact skid steer loaders offer some unique benefits compared to the alternatives of either hand labor or full-sized cabin skid steer loaders. 

1. Time Saving

Mini skid steer loaders are capable of tackling a long list of jobs, and each of these jobs can be done faster at the same or better level of precision as you would achieve the tasks manually. I believe you can imagine how long it would take you to manually shovel off a parking lot, for example. But with the help of an attachment called a snow blade or blower attached to your compact skid steer loader, the work could be finished with ease in much shorter time. 

2.Cost Saving

Nowadays, hiring laborers could be expensive as time goes by. Many companies in the construction industry are facing the problem of labor shortages that make skilled labor hard to come by. With a mini skid steer loader, however, you can get more done with fewer people, which makes it possible to save your cost. With the right attachments, you can almost finish most of the construction works instead of by labors. 

3.Work In Tight Space

Mini skid steers are called mini or compact for a reason. They’re exceptionally small compared to full-sized skid steers and other construction machines. They are ideal for maneuvering in tight areas, such as residential properties. You can easily traverse obstacles and work with precision. 

4. Light Weight

When you’re working on a finished site, mini skid steers offer a crucial advantage over their full-size counterparts in that they are far more lightweight. This means they can navigate finished sites and soft turf without causing any damage.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Mini Skid Steer Loader

1. Versatility

For the construction machine operator or owner, the most concerning problem is whether they could find the parts or components easily locally when facing an equipment breakdown. So before buying a mini skid steer loader, you must consider the machine’s components’ versatility. 

If you find most components or parts in this skid steer loader are the common ones that are quite easy to get, then don’t hesitate to choose on the condition that it is the same price and configuration as others. 

2. Engine

Engine power could be the most important factor to consider when deciding which skid steer loader to choose. If too small, the engine will not be powered enough to complete the jobs. Meanwhile, there could some waste if the engine power is too big. Also, the cost of the machine is depending on engine power so we have to take this point into most important consideration.

3. Hydraulic System

To fulfill different kinds of tasks, only the engine is not enough. Actually, all the movements of the skid steer loaders are executed by the hydraulic system. Cooperated with the engine, all the movements and tasks could be finished. Luckily, our skid steers are equipped with Kubota or Yanmar engines originally from Japan, and Hydraulic systems originally from Italy. Both of these ensured the reliability of the machines. 

4. Size or Dimension

You will likely want to pay attention to the dimensions of your chosen skid steer loader, as these will help you decide how well it can fit your work. The dimensions can also give you an idea of how the work could be finished and how will you transport this compact loader machine. If your working space is very tight, such as inside the ship cabin, this mini skid steer loader could be the ideal option. And each manufacturer has a specific dimension for their different models. 

5. Attachments

Before choosing a skid steer loader, you should be clear about what kind of attachments it could be attached. Just as described above, select some of them according to your actual work. Of you can take some advice from the machine suppliers. Only with the right attached tools, the skid steers could reach their utmost utilization. 

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How to Import A Mini Skid Steer Loader From China?

Mini skid steer loaders are getting more and more famous over the years because of their versatility. You may choose a local brand or international brand for your machines. But when it comes to high quality at an affordable price, compact skid steers made in China are a good option for you. 

You may also have such intention. Then the problem is how to import the mini skid steer loaders from China. Here we list some basic steps you should follow. 

  1. The first and most crucial step is to know your requirements. You must know which size, features, specification, weight, attachments, and model you want for your compact skid steer loaders.
  2. You must know the budget that you can afford for your mini skid steer loaders. Then, choose a supplier or manufacturer within your planned budget.
  3. Search from Google or other B2B commercial sites to source the skid steer loaders.  Make a list of China’s best manufacturers and suppliers of skid steer loaders.
  4. Visit their website and online stores to check their products, reviews, models, features, experience, and prices.
  5. After your first review, try to select all the suppliers that seem to be appropriate. 
  6. Ask for advice from your fellow importers, colleagues, and friends.
  7. Contact them one by one and have a discussion on products, prices, features, etc.
  8. Note each and every detail on a piece of paper or notepad.
  9. Choose the manufacturer that fulfills your requirements within your affordable budget.
  10. Sign the contract and transfer payment to the supplier, and wait for their production.
  11. Contact an importing agent to help you import your compact skid steer loader to your country.

Why Choose The Skid Steer Loader From HIXEN?

HIXEN is made up of experienced engineers known for construction machine manufacturing of the highest quality. The company has got CE certified and also has EPA Tier4 and Euro5 emission standard certifications for its products. For a further focus on quality, HIXEN adopts very strict testing and commission before the products are delivered. 

  • Excellent technical support services
  • 13 years of experience
  • Skilled staff consisting of 110+ members
  • Exported to more than 30 countries.
  • Over 2000 sets machines output per year 


Skid steer loader has more advanced functions than other construction types of equipment. But it also depends on the fact of which manufacturer to choose. Contact us now and get your quote to purchase a skid steer loader or its required attachments.

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