Detailed Skid Steer Loader Maintenance & Easy Troubleshooting In 2023

skid steer loader maintenance


Skid steer loaders have become special equipment in the construction industry. The reason is that they are highly versatile to perform multiple jobs and save time. At the same time, you can also save the costs of hiring an operator since a skid steer machine is very easy to operate. However, this efficient machine is not one without any problems. It may cause problems that, if not solved on time, may result in accidents. Therefore, skid steer loader maintenance is essential.

Various common problems may occur in a skid steer machine. If you want your machine to run efficiently without any problems then you must ensure the wellness of your equipment. Here is a video you can take for reference.

And this is only possible when you take care of the skid steer machine regarding all its problems, maintenance, and other things. Some of those problems are not so big, and you can repair them on your own. 

But some problems are serious, and you may need a professional repairer to deal with them. So what are those problems, and how can you ensure the wellness of your machine? This is all that you will learn in this article. So let’s start reading the article till the end. 

radial lift loader or skid steer loader are vertical lift machines or radial lift machines for skid steer loader maintenance
Detailed Skid Steer Loader Maintenance & Easy Troubleshooting In 2023 9

Common Problems

Every machine we used eventually had a maintenance issue, such as the skid steer loader. To keep the best performance of a skid steer machine, you have to pay attention to its hydraulic system, engine, and control system. 

Further briefs are given down below.

Control System Issues 

Sometimes joystick controls for the skid steer’s loader and steering are not working correctly. It might be that the loader and connections are loose or disconnected. In this case, you need to reconnect or tighten them. Wires should also be checked appropriately that connect the hydraulic pump and actuator to the joystick as sometimes they are not correctly attached.

You may need to replace the entire joystick circuit board if it still needs to be fixed by doing all the abovementioned things. If controls respond slowly, then there is an issue with the control system. It is good practice to inspect the safety features of the skid steer loader. 

When these features are not working correctly, it can cause issues to the entire—Control system. Inadequate circuits harm your control system, so it is essential to check if there is any drainage of the battery of the skid steer machine.

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Hydraulic System Issues 

The hydraulic system is another culprit of skid steer issues. If your skid steer needs to be fixed, there might be something wrong with the hydraulic fluid level. Hydraulic systems perform at their maximum when they have the exact fluid level the supplier recommends. So make sure that the fluid level is well balanced.

Another major issue in skid steer performance is a clogged hydraulic fuel filter. For instance, if your loader does not give much as it used to, then there might be a chance that its fuel filter is clogged. A clogged filter does not allow fluid to pass freely, lowering the loader’s power.

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Detailed Skid Steer Loader Maintenance & Easy Troubleshooting In 2023 10

Skid steer performance is also affected when leaks or loose fittings in hydraulic lines. To check for both factors, ensure that your engine as the pump is running to pressurize the hydraulic system, as it will be easy to detect any leaks in high pressure. Wear goggles and safety gloves to protect yourself from injuries when conducting this test.

After inspection of leaks, you should look for seals and fittings on control valves. The hydraulic system’s performance will decrease if seals are broken or the fitting becomes loose. It is mandatory to check the valves so they can be opened and closed quickly.

Engine Issues

When the engine of your skid steer loader does not work correctly, you check your fuel system, as most common problems start from there. The skid steer fuel system consists of a fuel line, fuel filters, and a tank.

 If you do not change the fuel filter of your skid steer machine, which runs on diesel, it can cause issues to the machine as they work in dusty areas. Therefore, it is mandatory to change your filters frequently to prevent engine failure.

The next thing after checking the fuel filters is the fuel tank inspection. Engine operational ability decreases when fuel does not flow to the fuel injector from the tank. Fuel injectors must not be clogged with materials, or else they will cause damage to the machine.

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Engine plugs not working correctly is another common problem in skid steer machines. Some plugs are specially used in winter in cold environments to warm the combustion chambers. After some time these plugs become loose which as result engine is not warm to work correctly. It is mandatory to locate and tighten the attached plugs. 

How Do You Maintain a Skid Steer?

Fluid Upkeep 

Skis steer loader runs smoothly if its fuel levels are correctly maintained. Hydraulic oil, coolant, and engine oil should be maintained according to the manual to prevent wear and heat damage. These oils are changed at regular intervals to keep the machine working correctly. 

If you notice a loss of fluids in the meter, there is a leak that should be fixed at the moment. Loader arms should be down when checking the fluids, so oil flows back into the tank to get an accurate reading.

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Detailed Skid Steer Loader Maintenance & Easy Troubleshooting In 2023 11

Daily Maintenance 

Daily maintenance is essential for any machine to keep up your device’s health. Before turning your skid steer loader ignition, look around it to check for any wear or damage. A simple walk around your work helps you plan for obstacles in your intended path.

The front end of your skid steer loader should be examined. Remove debris from the skid steer loader or attachment and ensure that tubing and hoses are leak-free and secured. Ideally, your skid steer loader pivot point and arms should be thoroughly greased. Your skid steer loader should be oiled after every use.

The tracks and tires of your skid steer loader should be carefully examined before use. Do necessary tension or pressure adjustments. After this, get in a cab and check for all the safety features, including the horn, seatbelt, display panel, and backup alerts. After this, open the tailgate to check the engine of your skid steer loader.

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Tire and Track Care

Taking care of your skid steer loader tracks or tires are essential maintenance task. Tracks and tires get wear and tear over time. Ensure that your loader tires are properly inflated to reduce wear and improve handling.

As the tires of a skid steer are very thick, it tough to notice pressure with human vision. They should be checked by pressure gauge regularly as visual inspection makes it challenging to detect pressure loss. Check your operator’s manual or discuss it with the dealer for optimal pressure on your skid steer tires.

Sometimes your one set of tires (rear or front) wears faster than the other. This depends upon how you are using your skid steer loader. It is better to keep rotating your tires periodically to extend the life span of the tires.

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Tracked skid steer loader is also called a compact track loader (CTL). The tension of the tracks just has to be perfect. Too much stress can cause power loss and excessive wear, while too little pressure can result in loose ways.


Cleaning your machine can extend Its lifespan so is the case skid steer loader. After working, debris caught in your device should be cleaned. To have clear visibility and work more efficiently, your windows should be cleaned at all times. Cleaning your windows provides clarity for the operator and improves safety while working. 

When you work in a high debris environment, it is essential to clean your engine compartment. Dust and dirt can easily get caught in your system component, thus then causing it to be overheated and lose electrical connections. So cleaning your skid steer loader’s compartment and other interior systems is essential.

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The conclusion comes to the point that taking care of your machine may take time. But it is worth it in the end. You should read the user manual to take care of your machine without any complications. A good supplier will always enlist the possible problems and their solution in the user manual. 

However, if you don’t know anything about fixing it, you may take professional help to deal with it. One thing is important to remember here, and that is the quality of your skid steer loader. Having a good-quality of skid steer loader may cause fewer problems than a low-quality loader. 

The most important thing to ensure quality is to choose the right manufacturer. If you want to purchase a good quality skid steer loader at affordable prices, then importing from China is the right decision. But finding the right dealer from China may also be a problem. But don’t worry because we have covered it all for you. 

Contact Us now if you want a high-quality Chinese supplier to buy a skid steer loader at affordable prices. 

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